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Business Controller

Our client is looking for an experienced, enthusiastic Business Controller. Our client’s company is engaged in retail improvements. They have a passion for store design and for thoughtful store presentation. The company is in full development and aims to become the best store builder in Western Europe.

Job description

As a Business Controller you will work in the Business Control department within our client’s company. You will work together with the Finance department. Your own team consists of other business controllers and several project administrators. You will help to improve financial choices that are made and advise your colleagues from the Finance department.


  • Putting the department on the map
  • You will be involved in the optimization of business processes
  • You help brainstorm the change-plans
  • You write reports and give financial advice
  • You think about how you can strengthen the financial position
  • You look at the organization analytically and strategically

Apply directly

Your resume is where your global adventure begins! If we see the potential match, we will recommend you to the employer. Based on the requirements a formal assessment can be conducted. Ultimately, the employer holds the final decision in the employment process.

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    Alkmaar | the Netherlands


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