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Backend Developer

Our client is looking for a Backend Developer to join a young, passionate team. Our client’s company transports suitcases to and from the airport, so everyone can pack a lot but move freely. You’ll be joining a fast-growing company in a fun industry. 

Job description

As a Backend Developer on our client’s team, you develop API. You will implement API in websites and mobile applications


  • 1-2 years of experience as a Backend Developer
  • Experience with designing and developing APIs
  • Experience with building unit tests
  • Familiar with React Native
  • Understanding, speaking, writing and reading English and Dutch is a plus
  • Five days availability
  • Living in Europe


  • Helping with the design and development of API
  • Assisting with the development of websites and mobile applications
  • Being the point of contact for colleagues with questions about the software

Apply directly

Your resume is where your global adventure begins! If we see the potential match, we will recommend you to the employer. Based on the requirements a formal assessment can be conducted. Ultimately, the employer holds the final decision in the employment process.

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    Haarlem | the Netherlands

    IT developer

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