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Frontend Developer

Job description

  1. You will be involved with optimizing the user experience
  2. You will develop and maintain the user interface
  3. You will set and achieve the commercial goals and develop strategies for this
  4. You are also responsible for managing different projects


  1. Minimum 5 years of relevant work experience
  2. IT-related HBO or WO diploma
  3. Eye for quality and entrepreneurship
  4. Fluent in Dutch and English communication and presentation skills
  5. Management skills


  • You help customers with your knowledge and expertise
  • You help with the innovation of the company
  • You help colleagues in personal and technical development
  • You enjoy your work! Every office at our client’s company has a “Chief of Happiness”

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Your resume is where your global adventure begins! If we see the potential match, we will recommend you to the employer. Based on the requirements a formal assessment can be conducted. Ultimately, the employer holds the final decision in the employment process.

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    the Netherlands | Utrecht

    IT developer

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