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Pipeline Integrity Management Consultant

The scope of work is the development of the capabilities of the Mechanical Maintenance Engineers and includes providing technical support, coaching and mentoring of the Mechanical Maintenance Engineers while they are executing predictive, preventive and corrective maintenance and repair activities, including collecting and reporting on related data and performing basic analyses, to ensure high availability, reliability and quality of assets and facilities.

Specific areas for capability development are the following:

A. Intake and diagnosis
Identify (potential) defects and preventive maintenance requirements, and execute the intake of maintenance requests and investigate the damage/situation of machines/equipment/tools/facilities, in order to create clarity on required maintenance activities.
A. Preparation
Read and analyze design/technical drawings, determine the most practical method, approach and required materials for scheduled maintenance activities and prepare related equipment and material to ensure maintenance work can be carried out effectively and efficiently.
B. Execution
Execute maintenance and reliability activities on e.g High Pressure pipelines, following instructions, specifications and relevant repair plans, to ensure stable, high performing and high reliability of the High Pressure pipelines.
C. Testing and Calibration
Execute test and calibration activities, within assigned level of authority and protocols, to ensure reliability and maintenance work realized the intended effect.
D. Registration and documentation
Register and report on progress and deviations regarding (reliability and maintenance) activities and perform basic analyses, including activities performed by third parties, in line with requirements and reporting guidelines, in order to provide up-to-date and accessible information to relevant parties.
E. Continuous improvement
Monitor reliability and/or maintenance processes, techniques or systems, signal and report on (operational) bottlenecks and contribute to optimization initiatives, in order to contribute to effective and efficient processes.


Consultant is an expert in the field of engineering, holding at least a Master degree in engineering and has more than 15 years’ experience in Petro Chemical and Oil & Gas field and must be a valid holder of an API 570 authorized piping inspector certification. In addition, a NACE CP-3 certified or higher is a requisite as is practical experience with Pipeline rehabilitation programs.
Consultant is regarded to be an authority in the field of knowledge within the industry . Has highly specialized knowledge in ASME standards (ASME B31G, ASME B31.4) or very broad knowledge on multiple complex expertise areas.
Consultant should be capable of addressing and resolving complex corrosion issues that involve multiple areas of expertise. Proposes engineering projects taking into account interdependencies between engineering areas. Develops and implements innovative methods and techniques for Staatsolie, by combining new technologies. Moreover, consultant should be capable of leading the selection of innovative technologies that address multiple engineering areas, giving work instructions and coordinating & planning of work of others. Consultant is assigned for the development of Mechanical Maintenance Engineers, for the own area of expertise.


Key milestones are:
o Finalized interviews with consultant in April 2022
o Contract signing with consultant in April 2021
o Availability of consultant: April 2022 for 6 months period
o Execution of Competency assessment Mechanical Maintenance Engineers: second half April 2022.
o Program execution monitoring: Weekly verbally reporting, Monthly written reporting.
o Program realization reporting: October 2022
o Remote advice and support for approx. 6 months. (pre-agreed hours and manhour rate)

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